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What to consider when planning your new kitchen

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

1. How do you use your kitchen?

Think about your current kitchen and how you make use of it. Is it purely for cooking or do you like to entertain in the kitchen? Is it a place where the family gather or homework is completed. By thinking about how you use your kitchen it helps to fine tune some of the essential elements, such as sockets, lighting, sink size etc.

2. It's all about flow.

Who's using the kitchen? If it's mainly one person, you may want to arrange the space so that you can access most utensils and dishes without having to move back and forth across the whole room. A drawer within a drawer can also prove useful, so that tools that aren't used that often are separated from the more everyday items.

If you find it's usually two or more people using the kitchen, you might consider a design where you can open multiple drawers at the same time, especially when someone is standing at the hob or sink. A good place to begin is by looking at what is working in your current kitchen and what needs improvement.

3. Storage needs

Many people prefer a modern minimalist design with a single row of cabinets below and little to no overhead cabinets. This may look good, but be sure that you can fit everything that you need. How big is your cookware collection? This will obviously have a baring on your storage needs.

Do a stock take of what is in your current cabinets. Will you keep everything or add to the collection? This information is a good starting point for your kitchen designer to plan for the correct amount of storage space in your new kitchen.

4. Let's look at the rest of your home.

Take a walk around the rest of your home, taking note of the colours and materials. Is there a style that is evident throughout the building? Take into consideration your own personal taste, as well as the original style of the home when designing a new kitchen. The new should compliment the old.

Get in touch

If you are planning a new kitchen, get in touch early in the process. All of our designs are custom handmade with birch plywood internals. So getting in touch earlier means that you can be booked in with plenty of time to work on the final design.

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