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Why choose handmade furniture?

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Choosing handmade, bespoke furniture is the best way to ensure that each piece reflects your unique vision and blends in seamlessly with its surroundings. Having your furniture made for you gives you greater stylistic flexibility, increases your ownership over the creative process and enables you to create spaces that are uniquely yours.

With professional guidance, you can be sure that the style and materials are fit for purpose and that the finished piece meets your requirements and budget.

The Right Fit

One of the best things about commissioning custom-built, handmade furniture is that it can be built to fit any space, big or small. Whatever the size of the room, you can create a piece of furniture that looks good, maximises storage and can even open up the room and make it feel more inviting and/or spacious.

Built to Last

A handmade piece of furniture is something you’ll own for decades into the future, or even hand down to your children or grandchildren. With beautiful craftsmanship, high-quality materials such as solid wood or strong multilayered ply and laminates, combined with unique design, you can be sure that your handmade furniture will be treasured for generations to come.

How to begin the design process?

  • Measure the area accurately where you want to fit the new piece of furniture. If you are creating an extension or new build, you can begin the design process once you have scaled drawings. We can help you with reading them and choosing the right size piece for the room.

  • Decide on a style that suits you. Be careful not to too quick to jump on the latest trend. Remember you are creating a piece that will stand the test of time. You can always restyle your furniture to give it a refresh or update in the future. Good design stands the test of time.

  • Once you have refined your style, think about the materials you’ll want to use.

  • Keep copies of images you like and you can show us for inspiration.

  • Carefully think about your selected design/materials to ensure you are confident in your chosen design.

  • Let us create your bespoke, handmade piece.

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