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Get Informed


Can I use wood in bathrooms and wet areas?

Yes. If cared for correctly wood can be used in bathrooms and wet areas. Our timber finish is very durable as long as spills and water are wiped down. Water left on any treated timber surface for long periods of time will cause damage.  Keep in mind, in any bathroom there is usually a wooden door or wooden architrave that you don’t even notice.  Wood is a durable product.

Should I use a stone or wooden top for my bathroom or wet area?

Stone is the most practical choice of material for bathrooms and wet areas. However, if cared for correctly wood can be practical as well as beautiful. Consider the use of the space and how often it is cleaned and cared for.

What is usual lead time for orders?

It always depends on how busy we are. Smaller projects can take up to a week and can be done concurrently with other projects.  Larger projects, such as kitchens, can take up to six weeks, but there is a waiting list during busy periods.  We always recommend getting in touch early in the planning process so that we can organise to have the order ready on time.

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