Dogwood Designs

Contemporary, handcrafted furniture designed and made in Westport, Co. Mayo


About Us

We are a family owned Irish furniture business committed to creating a product that is loved and lasts.

Each piece is made in our workshop in Westport - designed with simplicity and strength.  

We take pride in quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail, committed to making lifetime pieces with a negligible footprint. 

We are passionate about design and will work with you across both residential and commercial projects.  

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Our Impact


Buy Local

We use local suppliers as much as possible for all our materials.  We also are committed to repurposing materials to minimise waste and sourcing salvaged timbers.

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Long lasting lifetime pieces

We offer a positive alternative to mass produced furniture, for those looking for something special and long lasting.  All our pieces are designed and made locally in Co. Mayo.


Reduced Waste

We aim to reduce the amount of waste we generate by repurposing off cuts as much as possible.  We also supply local artists with timber offcuts.  If you are a local artist, get in touch and we'll see what we have available.


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