'The Reek' Chopping Board

'The Reek' Chopping Board

An original design, this solid hardwood, endgrain chopping board is handmade with a combination of walnut, cherry, maple and oak.  


Dimensions 335mm x 435mm x 35mm


Taking inspiration from the iconic Croagh Patrick in Co. Mayo, Ireland, 'The Reek' chopping board captures the dominating presence of Ireland's Holy mountain over the town of Westport.


    Dogwood ‘ endgrain’ cutting boards are all handcrafted from high quality hardwoods, primarily walnut, maple & cherry. The patterns on the board are all due to the natural colours of the timber. There have been no stains or dyes applied.  The wood is extremely tough and durable and will survive a lifetime.

    Care Instructions

    The following simple method below will help maintain the board's appearance, shape and durability.

    After each use, rinse your board with washing up l iquid, wipe dry with a tea towel and let it stand to dry out completely.

    Please do not put your board i nto a dishwasher or submerge i n water, as this may result in the wood fibres swelling, causing warping or cracking. Also, do not lay a wet board flat on a bench to dry. This may result in the side facing up drying faster than the underside. If the board dries on one side only, i t may cause the board to warp. Instead stand it upright to dry.

    Furthermore, i n order to keep your chopping board l ooking i ts best, we recommend you coat it with food safe mineral oil every couple of months. This will help nourish and protect the wood and restore it’s lustre.



    We offer free delivery within the island of Ireland.