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Having a small bathroom shouldn't mean that you have to compromise on quality or style. There are so many ways to make the space work for you and your family. We have compiled 4 ways in which you can make the most of the space you have on offer and turn it into a beautiful, calm oasis.

  1. Wet Room

This is a great option for creating the illusion of space in a small bathroom. A wet room is a space which is usually completely open plan. The floor is altered to allow the water to flow away through a drain on the floor. Wet rooms also feature a shower screen to reduce spray in the bathroom. The difference between a wet room and a walk in shower is that there is no shower tray. The floor tiles continue into the wet area, creating a feeling of space and continuity.

2. Wall Hung Vanity

If you have a smaller bathroom, the fixtures and fittings you choose are important in creating the illusion of more space. A wall-hung or floating vanity works really well for this purpose. As it doesn’t touch the floor, it creates a continuous line of floor space, which in turn makes the room look bigger. Wall hung vanities offer a more contemporary look and are easy to clean under. A custom made vanity offers the best possible option for maximising storage in a small space.

3. Cavity Sliding Door

Practically speaking, cavity/pocket sliding doors make much more sense than hinged doors wherever space is at a premium. Hinged doors require space to accommodate the door swing, while pocket sliding doors require less space. They slide either parallel with the wall or simply into the wall cavity itself. This isn't always possible in homes where there are solid dividing walls. But definitely something to consider if you are doing a new build or have suitable walls.

4. Wall Mounted Taps

Mounting the taps on the wall has a number of advantages. If the taps are mounted on the wall it allows room to push the sink closer to the wall. It also allows for more storage in the bathroom vanity, as the plumbing for the taps is in the wall and not underneath the sink. One more advantage is that cleaning around the basin is easier and this is something to bear in mind if there are going to be a number of people sharing the bathroom.

These are just some of the many ways you can make the most of a small bathroom space. If you found them helpful, pass it on to somebody who is in the early stages of a bathroom renovation. It might just make their renovation journey a little easier.


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