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Hudson Oak Bathroom Vanity

The Hudson Oak

Oak Veneer Birch Plywood Vanity

This a birch ply double door vanity with an internal shelf.  It has an oak veneer finish with circular pull handles (100mm diameter) and exposed ply edging.  The stone top is a 20mm thick quartz with a matt finish.

There are a number of customisations available for this piece. 

  1. Floating or with legs

  2. Internal drawer with reconfigured shelving (additional extra)

  3. Picture frame front

Click on the photos below to see the many options. 

Once the order is placed, we will contact you to find out what type of sink you are using  and where you would like the sink located (left, right or centre).  We then request the data sheet that comes with the sink, so that we can cut the stone and drawer boxes to accommodate the plumbing. 

We will also need to know if your taps will come out of the wall or the counter top.  If the tap comes out of the counter top, we will allow for this in the cutting of the stone and drawer.  

Allow 6-8 weeks lead time. If you require it earlier, get in touch and we will see if we can help. 

Contact us with your dimensions and we can provide a quote to you.

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